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RUAR is a hub for everyone passionate about music to network, promote and market themselves, their events and fundraise.


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Our Beginning


Rise Up and Rave (RUAR) was founded by Robert Wiltshire in 2019, and although its creation is new, it has grown rapidly from strength to strength.

After Rob spent 11 years in the Army and missing out on years doing what his friends were doing – living life and raving, he left the forces not only suffering with PTSD but for a new lease for life. Rather than dwelling on what he had or hadn’t done, with his determination to do more for
others, RUAR  was formed.

Since RUAR was launched and holding his first local event, the group’s members have grown internationally, and while also raising money for charity, RUAR has created a community of people who all have one thing in common – the love of music. It can now boast of some of the top, most admired DJ's, music producers, promoters, radio stations, and record labels.


Our Motto

RUAR’s motto is that music unites people from all walks of life - with no barriers of ones’ culture, race, religion or sex. Rob’s passion is for music and charity. And, with the support of his partner Keighly and all the amazing team, it has brought it to where it is now.

What We Do

RUAR organise and execute events all over the UK. All of our events are held with charity in mind. Also, our aim is to always place our very own RUAR resident DJ's alongside the headlining acts. Our goal is to help as many as we can for as long as we can.

Take a look through our website; Here you can find , and book a DJ for your own events, see whats events we have coming up.  Buy awesome merchandise, buy tickets to upcoming events put on by RUAR and other labels, and DJ's. that we are collaborating with. 

We are very keen to hear from those who are interested in putting on an event with us. We will assist you with the promotions and ticket sales. All we ask of anybody wanting to host events with RUAR is that you donate to the charity.

We also, have our very own radio station CLICK HERE  to listen....

RUAR have created this hub for everybody who also want to support and grow!


When people work together with the same visions, bigger and better things happen!

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