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Coronavirus will never stop the ravers from raving

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

We cant go clubbing but we can still party!

As another weekend approaches, I am gearing myself up for yet another in-house parties with live stream DJ mixes. Who will be on it again this weekend?

But right now clubs are only open online and I’m limited to seeing friends and meeting new people via the crackly audio-visual chaos of countless Zoom calls. Although, a party my friends and I hosted last week failed to allow us to speak while enjoying the amazing DJ line up that we had organised. I'm told Twitch is so much better quality. So let's hope the next party we host will be much better. 

Welcome to the sesh sessions during a pandemic. Myself, and my friends all got dressed up as if to go party. Our faces full of make up and the fridge stocked with alcohol. No taxi to have to hope will actually turn up. At least this way we saved an absolute fortune.  I have to say though, I had a bloody brilliant night. We fell into our beds at 10 am Saturday morning just as the kids were waking up. I quickly realised that just because we wasn't out, a babysitter would have been gratefully appreciated as I drag myself through the day of dizzy head spells and moments of nausea. Over the last decade live streams have become a staple of dance music culture but right now they seem especially poignant.  For those who are self isolating alone, this must be a life saving. It is amazing for their mental health. I feel I've actually loved having this time to recuperate from all the many all - night club sessions between work, kids and our RUAR label. This has given us the time to really re - plan the whole layout. To network more. To get to know our DJ's better and to streamline everything. Business is always a work in progress. We have to move with the times and technology. The Coronavirus has certainly made a lot of us tweak how we rave and grow our audience.  Some ardent seshers, however, are not to be deterred from partying like they normally do. I hear there are the few who've sneaked out masked themselves up 90's style. Gloves, hazmat suits and glow sticks and off to their friends house and got on the sesh all night. Dangerous if you ask me.  I am loving some of the visual shows some DJ's are putting on though. Some real class psychedelic visuals which have taken me back to my very young youth. The trippy decade I like to think of it as.  Music has always been a way of bringing people together. RUAR's moto is that music brings people together of all nationalities, religions, sexual preferences etc. The fact that technology allows us to continue the party without leaving our homes is brilliant. Coronavirus will never stop the ravers! 


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